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Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Custom Built Solutions

IMECO is one of the pioneers in cleaning technology, having begun in Europe in 1968. It has presence in over 68 countries of the world today.

ISO Certified Company

Imeco Machines Pvt. Ltd. has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and is certified by TUV.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology is what the world uses today. IMECO is happy to offer this innovation to Indian Industry
From micro product cleaning, to cleaning of airplanes and other large products; IMECO provides customized solutions for Ultrasonic Cleaning.

IMECO Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Industrial cleaning has moved to the next level. Manual cleaning, mechanical scrubbing, solvents etc are history.

Welcome to the bright new world of Ultrasonic Cleaning !

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology has evolved over the last few decades. High labour costs and the need for Total Cleaning Solutions has led to the development of Ultrasonic Cleaning.

The cleaning machines at IMECO have been developed over several decades and have satisfied critical applications in diverse industries, such as:

Automobile Industry

Electrical and Electronics Industry

Aviation Industry

Office Automation Machinery

Space Research

Power Generation

Textile Industry

Man-made Fibre Industry

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Watch & Jwellery Industry

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The Technology in a nut shell

Ultrasonic Cleaning uses the simple principle of sound waves moving through a liquid bath. This infusion of sonic energy causes bubbles that impact the surface of the object and release grime, dust, dirt and whatever has accumulated on the surface.

The efficiency and ease of Ultrasonic Cleaning has made it the most popular method of cleaning almost everything from a pin to a piano. IMECO customizes cleaning solutions using this technology.

IMECO is proud to have set the benchmark in Ultra Sonic Cleaning by achieving cleanliness values of 0.001 mg gravimetrically on 100 micron particle size. The world today follows IMECO !

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Global Footprint

During past 51 years, Imeco has successfully installed over 4000 large cleaning machines, more than 10000 small cleaning machines and more than 2500 plastic welding machines all over:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates

Product Range

Imeco has successfully introduced, designed, manufactured and implemented various cleaning machine concepts.

Imeco also provides accessories like intelligently programmed, automatic material handling systems, elaborate, coarse and absolute filtration arrangements, oil separation mechanisms, distillation systems etc.

Imeco is one of the few manufacturers in the world, which deliver such a wide range of concepts and accessories in Water and Solvent based technologies.

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Clients & Testimonials

Shyam Kulkarni

Very Good and Prompt Service by the IMECO.

Shyam Kulkarni

Very professional and superb service!

Shyam Kulkarni

Excellent Service!